What you need to know about the 8 ct yellow diamond?

What you need to know about the 8 ct yellow diamond?

Diamonds are extremely beautiful and appealing to all. Diamond rings are most common for wedding and engagement rings because of their brightness and eye-catching properties. There are many colors available in natural diamonds including purple, pink, brown red, blue and Yellow colors. Diamonds are extremely unique and rare kinds of diamonds. They are becoming extremely popular because of their uniqueness and natural fancy colors. The diamond was initially discovered in South Africa in 1867. It was found by a teenager and he gave it to his mother. She gave it to her neighbor. They did not realize the worth of the diamond and it traveled all over Europe. At last, it was bought by De Beers in 1967. It is now being displayed at the Kimberley Mine Museum.The largest yellow diamond is discovered by Kimberley Octahedron which weighs around 616 carats.it is also displayed at the Diamond Vault in Kimberley. Here are some important facts about yellow diamonds you should know before buying an 8 ct yellow diamond:

  • Rarest kind of diamond:

Natural yellow diamonds are very rare and among 10,000 carats mined diamonds you will get only one yellow diamond. 

  • Originated all around the world:

Though most yellow diamonds are found in South Africa, you can find them all over the world. They are mostly found on the ground instead of in a diamond mine. You can find brightening yellow diamonds for sale at Kay Jewelers.

  • Nitrogen effect:

During the formation of stone, yellow diamonds get their color through nitrogen. The amount of Nitrogen also causes a huge impact on the intensity of yellow color.

  • Unique color combinations:

A yellow diamond’s color varies from greenish-yellow to brownish yellow to orange yellow. Yellow diamond’s are also called canary diamonds but not all yellow diamonds are canary diamonds. Canary is mostly used for intense yellow and brighter yellow diamonds.

  • Deep hue makes a diamond more precious:

For colorless diamonds, the tint of the color shows lesser value of diamond. However, for a fancy diamond, the deeper hue means more value of the diamond.

  • Yellow gold:

Yellow gold compliments yellow diamonds and is often used for engagement or wedding rings. Yellow gold increases the beauty and brightness of yellow gold.

  • Most economical diamond:

Among colored diamonds, yellow diamonds are the most popular and affordable ones. Though they are less expensive than colorless diamonds, higher color intensity yellow diamonds are more expensive.

  • Oval shaped diamonds:

A round cut is mostly preferred for white diamonds, however it is not preferred for yellow diamonds. A round shape decreases the beauty of yellow diamonds. Oval shaped diamonds are very popular as they maximize the beauty of yellow diamonds.

What to know about an 8 ct diamond ring?

An 8 ct diamond means a very big diamond. Thus, it will look really good for an engagement ring. You should consider some important things before choosing an 8 ct yellow diamond for an engagement ring. 

  • Cut;

The most important thing about a diamond is its cut and quality of the yellow diamond. If the diamond is cut by an expert, it will increase its beauty and brightness. Yellow diamonds are mostly cut in oval shape to maximize their brightness.


Yellow color diamonds are expensive according to their intensity of color. The more intense yellow diamond means a more expensive and precious one. 

  • Metal color:

When you use your yellow diamond with a silver or white metal, it makes it look suppressed. However, yellow gold looks amazing with yellow diamonds as it increases the shine and beauty of yellow diamonds.

  • Design:

Choose the ring design wisely. You can also use a yellow diamond as a centerpiece and use other small diamonds encircling it. It will add to its beauty and it will look distinct and appealing.

Where to buy an 8 ct diamond ring?

It is very difficult to find good quality yellow diamonds at a reasonable price. However, Kay Jeweler provides an exceptional range of yellow diamonds. They have all kinds of diamonds including natural diamonds, treated diamonds, colored diamonds or lab grown diamonds. They have excellent designs with amazingly cut diamonds increasing the beauty of your diamond ring. You can get your desired 8 ct yellow diamond ring at a very good price.

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