What are Blue Diamond

What are Blue Diamond

Diamonds are rare gemstones around the world and very captivating to everyone. Blue diamonds always mesmerize due to their attractive color. In our store, customers can get many different types of blue gemstones in different cuts, shapes and sizes. Blue cushion cut diamond always stand out due to their color and natural artistry. Cushion cut in diamond looks so elegant in all colors but blue one has its own grace. Our craftsmen give proper attention to form this breathtaking piece and get admiration from customers.

Beauty of Blue Gemstone

Diamonds in blue color are known as graceful due to their intense and mesmerizing color. Our carefully prepared lab collection of diamonds shows the same appearance and durability as the earth mined natural blue diamond. Blue cushion cut diamond are very extraordinary in natural mining of gemstones and also very expensive.  Blue cushion cut diamond is highly prized due to its rarity in nature and sophisticated look but our lab grown diamonds are available at affordable prices in a large range that can be customized by you. 

Blue Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion cuts of diamonds are characterized as rounded corners and with large facets. This type of cut and shape is very rare in nature but “Flawless” stores will provide it conveniently to their customers with high quality. This cut is also known as pillow cut and it always showcases a romantic allure that will put glamor in your choice.  This blue cushion cut diamond puts a royal appearance due to its color and appearance.

Rarity of Blue Cushion cut diamond

Blue diamonds are rare in nature and they have very less fraction of a percent as compared to other diamonds worldwide. Lab grown blue cushion cut diamonds are available in variety. This cut is incredibly rare in nature but not in our “Flawless” store and customers can collect it and customize it according to their own choices. Our craftsmen will customize it as per your selection and taste.


Blue cushion cut diamonds put an exquisite beauty and contribute to astronomical value in every piece of jewelry. Flawless provides other cuts of blue diamonds that are round, emerald, pear, oval and marquise shaped and these pieces are available in other sizes. Different other shapes of blue diamonds can be adjusted or customized in a piece of jewelry with a blue cushion cut diamond that will be a unique and masterpiece of jewelry in its creation.

 Symbolism of blue diamond

Back in history, this blue color diamond has been associated with wisdom, spirituality, depth and royalty.  This blue cushion cut diamond, has ethereal beauty and carries a sense of reverence. In different cultures Diamonds in blue color represents as a symbol of eternal love and strength. These blue diamonds are popular and in demand especially for engagement rings. At “Flawless” stores you can get these and customize it for your loved ones to make your memories and put a great sense of lasting love through this blue gemstone that will be a meaningful jewelry piece. Blue cushion cut diamond with its soft edges gives an appealing look and a sense of warmth and intimacy that will enhance the wearer’s persona.

Crafting a perfect cut

Our experienced and well trained craftsmen cut every blue cushion cut diamond with high precision and polish it very carefully. Gem cutters carefully do the process because unique facets and cuts enhance the blue diamond’s beauty. All the processes are executed with great care and as a result of this artistry skill a unique piece is created at the end to make it fit on different rings. 

Legacy of blue cushion cut diamond

Blue diamonds are symbol of royalty. Blue cushion cut diamonds are still nowadays worn by many celebrities and elite people due to its grace. Blue diamond in cushion cut will continue to and jewelers or designers will find new ways to showcase the beauty of this cut in different pieces of jewelry due to its demand among customers. This cut of blue diamond will always be magnificent in every piece of jewelry whether it will be a pair of earrings, a necklace or in an engagement ring. 

Come and grab your blue cushion cut diamond for your loved ones.

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