Bohemian Swimwear

Popular Brands in Bohemian Swimwear

If you’re looking for the perfect piece of bohemian swimwear, you’ve come to the right place! From a variety of styles to an edgy and unique color palette, there are several brands to choose from. Here, we’ll cover some of the most popular names in bohemian swimwear, including Bohemian beach boutique, Frankies Bikinis, Maaji, Reina Olga, and more.

Bohemian beach boutique

If you want a swimsuit that has a bold sexual appeal and is also comfortable, Bohemian beach boutique has you covered. The bold prints and vivid details of Bohemian beach boutique are guaranteed to make heads turn. They also feature a front pouch and a 3D ribbon, as well as elastic waistbands with external drawstrings. The trademark Bohemian beach boutique logo is embroidered on the front, while matching cords tie at the sides.

Frankies Bikinis

The online beach wear store Frankies Bikinis has an extensive line of bohemian swimwear, from bikinis to thongs. Their handpicked collections, starting at $75, feature bold cut outs and modern styles. Gigi Hadid, a fashion blogger, and many other hot celebrities have endorsed the brand. These bold swimsuits are ideal for lounging by the poolside.


Maaji’s bohemian swimwear and clothing are both affordable and incredibly fashionable. The company’s product line includes designs from top fashion brands and reversible suits that allow for two looks with a single purchase. This reversible option is particularly attractive, since it makes the price of the swimsuit seem like a bargain compared to the cost of two separate pieces. Customers have praised the quality of materials and innovative designs, which help make the price tag seem even more affordable.

Reina Olga

The brand Reina Olga has become known for its vibrant Brazilian bikinis. Founded by sisters Isotta and Guia Cleps, the designs are bold and daring. With designs ranging from Brazilian bikinis to scoop back one-pieces, these colorful pieces are sure to attract attention. With the help of their influencers, they know how to get their followers’ attention and what they need to look like.

Bond Eye

Australian designer Steve Philpott launched Bond Eye in 2011. The brand is known for its plush, ultra chic swimwear and distinctive designs. Each piece is unique and made from premium European fibres and features an oversized, smocked crotch. The brand is all about the details. From smocked fabric to a unique style, every piece is designed with a bohemian spirit.

La Blanca

The gorgeous swimsuits by La Blanca are a great way to add a chic touch to your beach wardrobe. La Blanca draws inspiration from cultures around the world for its designs. These swimsuits feature expert construction, unique accents, and high-quality fabrics. They’re perfect for layering or for walking to the jacuzzi. With striking silhouettes and vibrant colors, you’ll always look fabulous! Shop the complete line of La Blanca swimwear at Neman Marcus.

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