How Custom Crop Tops Works

Pairing a custom crop tops with high-waisted jeans has quickly become one of the summer’s most popular off-duty looks. Everyone from A-list celebrities to supermodels has been seen wearing this look. Girls like Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Sophie Turner can wear crop tops every day of the week or even on the red carpet, but the rest of us like to save our crop tops for the weekend. It’s a reasonable thought, but street-style icons worldwide have shown that there is a way to wear a cropped shirt to work. Here are five creative ways to wear cropped shirts, tanks, tops, or bralettes to work or other places.

Suit Up

A blazer with buttons can cover almost any crop top, and wearing one in the summer is a great way to add layers to your outfit without giving up your ability to stay cool. Wearing a tank top with a patterned mock neck under a suit jacket is one of the best ways to layer for winter. You can easily go from day to night if you wear a skirt that fits well or pedal pushers with a long skirt.

High-Waisted Pants for Stealth

Most cropped tops, except for those so close to being bralettes that they might as well be, will fit best just above the waistband of a pair of high-waisted jeans. What’s the best part? There are a lot of different kinds of high-rise pants, from leather pants to a classic pair of white wide-leg pants. Try this outfit with a crop top that covers your shoulders instead of a tank top if you want to look even more office-appropriate.

C.I.Y. (Crop It Yourself)

Have you ever thought about how some of the clothes in your closet might be able to be turned into crop tops? (We know this is hard to understand.) A plain white work shirt can be turned into a fun summer must-have by tying a knot at the bottom of the sleeves. Leave a few buttons undone on your favorite jacket or blouse, or cut an old Fruit of the Loom tank yourself as the It Girls do. Both of these will make you look about the same. What’s the best part? Since you can make these shirts any length you want, you can wear them to the office or out of town.

Try out different proportions.

The fastest and easiest way to hide a crop top you’re wearing is to cover up another part of your body. You might want to wear something with long sleeves instead of a cropped tank top, like a cropped jacket or blazer. They might show a bit of your stomach, but you’ll feel better if you cover your shoulders and arms. This summer, all you need to complete your look is a pair of high-waisted pants or a skirt.

An Extra Layer

Try putting a crop top on top of your outfit for the edgiest style while keeping a simple look. You could add a crop top over your go-to dress or go for a bold look with a bralette over a blazer. Crop tops in corset shape look great when worn with an oversized shirt. They draw attention to the torso while leaving the arms and rest of the body mostly uncovered.

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