5 Telltale Signs of Cocaine Addiction

5 Telltale Signs of Cocaine Addiction

If you or someone you love has suffered from cocaine addiction, then you already know how destructive it can be. The latest findings suggest that 10% of Americans use cocaine. Cocaine is unfortunately a very popular drug and is becoming increasingly easier to find and buy.

The signs of cocaine addiction can be hard to spot if you don’t know what they are. Learn about five common addiction symptoms below.

1. Changes in Pupil Size

Because cocaine is a stimulant, it causes your brain to release various chemicals. One such chemical is a neurotransmitter called norepinephrine. Excess norepinephrine causes dilated pupils, which is why this is one of the most common signs of a cocaine addict.

Pupils usually dilate just a few minutes after cocaine use. They can remain dilated for around half an hour, but this will vary depending on the user and how much has been taken.

2. Mood-Swings

Because cocaine causes a burst of dopamine, also known as the happiness hormone, it produces a short-lived wave of pleasure. When this effect begins to wear off, an addicted person will suddenly begin to feel low or depressed.

They will then seek out cocaine to restore their happy mood. This becomes a vicious cycle and results in serious and sudden mood swings.

3. Withdrawing From Social Life

People suffering from cocaine abuse may withdraw from their social lives to keep their addiction a secret. By reducing the time they spend with other people, cocaine users can limit the chances that others will spot their addiction.

Cocaine users may also find it dull or pointless to spend time with people who don’t use cocaine. Cocaine provides an instant, though fleeting, sense of happiness and energy. People with this addiction often have no incentive to spend time with others who are not experiencing their level of euphoria.

4. Financial Problems

A cocaine habit is financially draining, as the criminals who sell it seek to make a large profit from those who are addicted. Even those earning high incomes may run into financial difficulty as their addiction grows.

You may notice that the person suffering from addiction begins to sell some of their belongings, like clothes, furniture, or even vehicles. They do this because they simply cannot go without cocaine and will do whatever is necessary to afford it.

5. Nose bleeds

Because cocaine is snorted through the nostrils, it can cause severe damage to areas of the nose like the septum. Nosebleeds can develop as a result and may be particularly frequent in cocaine users. 

If you spot someone you love trying to hide nosebleeds or having them more often than normal, they may be using cocaine. You can gently approach them about this or can also seek medical advice. Click here to find treatment options for drug abuse disorders.

Know the Signs of Cocaine Addiction to Catch It Early

If you spot some of these common signs of cocaine addiction, it’s time to start seeking the right help. You can approach the person you believe is suffering from addiction and calmly discuss finding them some support.

Always seek medical advice for someone suffering from cocaine abuse. A doctor will be able to help come up with a treatment plan or recommend a recovery facility should one be necessary.

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