What’s Better Than a Regular Cup Of Coffee?

Waking up in the morning, all dull and tired, looking at the mirror and then the clock. Time is running out; you need to rush to work, but not without fixing your energy levels. That’s where your favorite coffee comes in. While there is no generalization that coffee is popular among all office goers, other alternatives, like Green Elephant Kratom, are finally getting some attention. Yet only a few are aware of it. Why?

Quick Fix To Energy: Coffee

Consider the context first– the secret of high energy is coffee– a familiar tagline of many big Coffee brands. The advertisers market their coffee products on the condition that you need it to give your hundred percent at work or study. That’s how a student or employee looks for a cup of coffee during midday doldrums. 

Yes, coffee does increase serotonin levels in your brain, thus improving vigilance, concentration, mood, and learning power. However, it is not a sustainable and long-lasting solution.

Coffee is Not A Sustainable Energy Booster

One survey indicates that around 64% of Americans consume dark, caffeinated beverages daily. The data pretty much explains the growing market of coffee brands and shops. Anyone who loves to have a sip and enjoy some pleasant music prefers a cafe. Plus, the beverage is not the same anymore; you get customization options. Hopefully, you remember the Dalgona trend!

However, excessive consumption of any substance is harmful. So, what’s the alternative?

Alternatives To Coffee

To anyone, who wants to curb coffee consumption to half or zero, probably this list will help. It consists of quick fixes that energize and replenishes your body and mind. Here’s what you can try:

Add a Protein Snack

Recall the adage– “breakfast is the most important meal.” Though many of you are familiar with it, you guys still pretend to ignore the significance of morning meals. Many believe that a cup of coffee is enough to last long hours before lunchtime, but the truth is coffee on an empty stomach does more harm than good. So, even if you don’t have time, try to pack a protein-rich snack like shakes, candies, or anything that suits you.

Get up and Exercise

Exercise is good. It improves your overall well-being, sleep quality, concentration and mood. It makes the best option that can help you ditch regular coffee cups for good.

Hydrate, Hydrate, and Hydrate

Most of the time, people feel sleepy and tired due to dehydration. You must know the human body comprises 60% (approx.) water. So, you must consume enough liquids to feel hydrated for the whole day. You can have juices, shakes, or smoothies as a substitute for coffee.

And, Kratom

Kratom is reportedly the best natural alternative for quick energy fixes. It is simple and easy to use. People have been using it for long enough now as it may have therapeutic benefits and help you recover from stress, fatigue, pain, etc.

Final Talk!

If you’re married to coffee, the above fixes might not work for you. But try to limit your caffeine tolerance and switch to better options. Having a cup of Yellow Sumatra kratom tea may supply you with enough energy to last long for a day. 


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