Best ways to increase the efficiency of Niruha Basti

Niruha Basti is an Ayurvedic therapy that helps to prevent diseases and boost overall health. It goes a long way to increase the lifespan and quality of life. It is an incredible practice that has been in vogue for a long time. Niruha Basti aims to remove toxins from the body. According to Ayurveda, these toxins pollute our cells and ultimately kill them. 

The death of every cell reduces our length of life. This therapy recommends people consume a specific medicine of honey, rock salt, and herbs. This therapy produces different results depending on age, gender, and type of disease. Let us explore more about Niruha Basti and how to increase the efficiency of the same.

Factors that boost the effect of Niruha Basti

Niruha Basti demands the consumption of specific medications which have been naturally made. However, the effect of this therapy is different varies from person to person. Therefore, several factors need to be incorporated to spread the benefits of Niruha Basti uniformly. Here are some of the factors.

  • Diet

Diet plays one of the most critical roles in improving the effects of Niruha Basti. A simple and mediocre diet at the right time adds to the benefits obtained from Niruha Basti. Your diet must include more legumes and other sources of protein. Any person who practices Niruha Basti has to forego carbohydrates and saturated fats. You need to ensure your food is low in spices and sodium. It should be raw and not too much oily and fried.

You might wonder as to what you should eat while practicing this therapy. Research has proven that sprouts have proved to be a practical addition to the diet of anyone who practices Niruha Basti. There are many benefits of eating sprouts. It is wholesome nutrition in the first place. It supplies adequate vitamins and minerals to the body. The benefits of eating sprouts often convince every person to include the same in their diet.

  • Physical exercise

A sedentary lifestyle is the most significant cause of diseases. One must always stay active. Even a brisk walk of 20 minutes proves to be sufficient in a day. When you work out, your body releases sweat and urine, which is harmful chemicals released from the body. This discharge of toxins is essential for naturally healing the body through Niruha Basti. In fact, physical exercise has proven to be a stimulant in speeding up the final results.

  • Disciplined schedule

Everybody has their time clock, and if we keep changing our daily routine, our bodies will find it challenging to perform essential functions. We must follow a disciplined lifestyle. With this, we mean that we must sleep at the standard hours, get proper sleep, get up early in the morning, have meals on time, and even drink water adequately. Therefore, a disciplined schedule always helps to increase the efficiency of Niruha Basti.

  • Meditation

It is important to note that Niruha Basti is the way to cleanse the body and mind. That is why keeping your mind relaxed and calm is crucial for this exercise. Meditation is the best way to release all the stress and lead a happy life.


With all the methods being discussed above, it becomes essential for the person practicing Niruha Basti to equally rely on all these methods as soon as possible to get the best results. These methods try to make the results much more amazing and satisfying. So what are you waiting for? Try these methods today. This is the best way to lead a long and a healthy life.

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