The weapons of online communication at the disposal of brands

In the age of digitisation and social media, brands have a valuable opportunity to establish unprecedented relationships with their customers, connecting in a deep and highly personalised way with each customer. The advantages of online communication, from this point of view, can be divided into three main groups, which basically depend on the different virtual spaces in which content is published. The first group of advantages is related to the website, which still today (perhaps even more than social networks) represents the company’s real business card. 

To strike the observer, to stop his attention, the website must be designed with extreme care, so that it is able to trigger those particular psychological springs that generate emotion, complacency, interest and appreciation. These results can be achieved in different ways: with a dynamic and visually pleasing home page, enlivened perhaps by a few moving elements, with graphic effects that arouse a pleasant sensation in whoever observes them, or even with the essentiality of the site structure, which with just a few, convenient pages is able to provide every answer and lead users to the resolution of their problem, in a simple and intuitive manner. 

A magnet for buyers 

With a fully functional, well-indexed and aesthetically pleasing website, the brand certainly has the possibility of attracting a large number of possible consumers, who will be further enticed by the presence of useful and interesting content for the satisfaction of their curiosity or for the resolution of a problem for which a company service or product is needed. 

The textual contents present on the site, from this point of view, certainly represent a real magnet for possible purchasers, and the fact that the various contents are interconnected (thanks to an intelligent system of links and cross-references to other contents published on the site) certainly contributes to increasing the general effectiveness of the site, the volume of traffic and above all the average stay of users within the web page, which should hopefully conclude with a purchase, a subscription or in any case with a concrete action taken by the person browsing the company’s site. 

Other advantages can be derived from a wise use of social media, especially if these new communication platforms are able to bring new sales, new customers and a new look to the brand image, also in terms of reputation. Social media such as Instagram or TikTok can also be exploited as a very powerful means of strengthening one’s reputation, but also as a useful public relations tool, increasing reciprocal interactions between the company and certain specific figures potentially useful for business development (influencers, journalists, and so on).

The role of nurturing 

The third group of benefits is related to all those contents that brands should use to nurture their audience, adopting the interesting practice of nurturing. The interest of customers (and especially of those who have already purchased) must be kept constantly alive with content provided free of charge, such as a newsletter particularly rich in information or a personalised communication sent via a direct message on social media. In the age of digitisation, it would indeed be unthinkable for the relationship between brand and customer to end when the product is purchased: the interaction must continue, it must be uninterrupted, so that the buyer thinks of the brand often and starts buying with some regularity. 

This principle should be exploited by all those who run an online business, but also by all those brands that need large volumes of traffic to their site or online shop. Newsletters and all other free content in the nurturing category, in fact, should be enriched with links to social pages or the brand’s site, or at any rate to any company page where the consumer can take an action. 

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Thanks to the web and social media like Facebook, every brand can increasingly hone its communication weapons, achieving its goals with disarming ease.  

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