How to Use Custom Canopies as an Effective Marketing Tool

When you think of outdoor marketing tools, many things will pop up in your mind, like flags, tents, canopies, and customized table covers. Outdoor advertising is needed for any company that wants to stand out and make an impression in the industry. One such effective tool is a customized canopy which has gained popularity because one can use them at different events to advertise the business.

A customized canopy can help you to improve the image of your company by changing the way people perceive your business. So, how can you effectively use a customized canopy tent as a marketing tool? Attending various business events will help you to bring your business to the notice of potential customers. Few such events have been discussed as follows.

In your grand opening

You must have planned a grand opening for your business. You must use this chance to set up customized printed canopy tents to create a lasting first impression in your guests’ minds. Using this tool, you can immediately introduce yourself to the local customers. A perfectly designed canopy with the help of amiable staff can build a relationship with the visitors who can turn out to be your clients in the future.

In a trade show

Personalized canopies are adaptable enough to be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes. But for that, they need to possess a fire certificate that comes along with them. Using a canopy custom made by a reputable company will help you to get such products. It is a factor that is often overlooked by companies when they participate in trade shows.

In festivals and street fairs

We often take the canopies for granted that are present in gatherings like concerts, festivals, fairs, and farmers’ markets. A lot of effort goes into making a booth impressionable in an event. Because attendees to these events frequently pay to attend (rather than the other way around), having a personalized canopy is essential to stick out from the crowd.

Anniversary sales

Using a unique canopy at your business location during your anniversary sale will undoubtedly draw in more customers. To attract more buyers, give them a clear understanding of what you will be providing to those taking part in the sale by portraying every offer and deal on the canopy.


This event is not like other business events. But you can strengthen your connection with the neighborhood and build a strong client base only by supporting a local sports team. One thing you must keep in mind while participating in these events. Your prime focus should be on support and exposure rather than selling.

How to design a unique custom canopy

  • Use at least three vibrant colors.
  • Make sure to include white space. The design should not appear to be cluttered.
  • Use spotlights for nighttime displays.
  • Include product descriptions in an attractive way to catch the attention of the passersby.
  • You can use a differently shaped canopy to draw in more visitors.


A custom canopy tent is an effective tool to advertise your business, provided you know how to take advantage of it.

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