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Why is LogWork the Best Time Tracker Software with a Screenshot Monitor Feature?

A couple of years ago, when I was writing my first novel, I bumped head first into a pole and broke my watch. Over the bed-ridden weekend, I realized it wasn’t about the watch anymore, it was about time. I had to plan and track my time and backup my bottlenecks beforehand. 

Two years today, I am still looking for a time tracking solution along with my trekking mate. I have got it; it doesn’t matter whether you are a CEO or a freelancer, you need a time tracker! (Either for your company or for your client).

Herein, I’ll be looking at one of the most reliable time tracker software with a screenshot monitor feature for PC & Mobile for FREE. Tracking time with transparency, privacy, and insights provides professionals a clear pathway to success. Many time tracking apps provide extended services, but LogWork is unique in its way. There are certain essentials that make it the best time tracker software with a screenshot monitor feature.

The essentials that make LogWork the best free time tracker with the screenshot monitor feature:

  1. Free plan
  2. Multi-platform desktop software
  3. Employee monitoring
  4. Productivity monitoring
  5. Excel timesheets
  6. Extended reports

LogWork stands apart from the rest of the market for its values of transparency and backup team for a customized solution. Still, their free version stands tall from the crowd. Below are my reasons for choosing it as a professional essential.

Time Tracker Software

  1. Easy & Simple to USE

A simple design makes LogWork with the screenshot monitor feature efficient and precise. They kept their mastery of the niche and made time tracking effortless. Just over a click, with LogWork, you can keep track of designated projects, servicing certain clients at different times.

  1. Accurate

LogWork efficiently tracks the hours across the project, clients, and teams. The time tracker provides a real-time summary of data.

  1. Intuitive Dashboard

The intuitive dashboard is unique for team management. It displays categories: today, yesterday, this week, and this month. In fact, the time tracker will help you correctly calculate the payroll based on the performance factors.

  1. Automated Online Time Tracker

When it comes to a choice of time tracking app for freelancers, they don’t want clutter. They need a simple and free time tracking software with screenshots to keep fluent track of work and trust with the client.

Sometimes core operations take all the energy, and reporting/invoicing becomes the only hedgehog in the bush. LogWork automated online tracker allows you to independently report and automatically compile reports on the set rules, projects, and even clients.

  1. Mobile-Friendly

Mobile friendly LogWork time tracker takes away the fatigue of work. Enjoy mobility, working, and reporting all at the same time with LogWork using your phone, being anywhere and everywhere.

  1. Productivity by Reports

LogWork comprehensive reporting system keeps the working hours optimized, informative, and transparent. The reports enable you to see the percentage of a certain project and decide pinnacle deadlines to avoid bottlenecks.

The worked time is calculated automatically in 7 types of reports:

  • Client Report 
  • Project Report 
  • Employee Report 
  • Task Note Report
  • Timesheet Report
  • Web Report
  • App Report
  1. Interactive Timeline

The interactive timeline offers insights related to worked hours in a month. The demo on the site is a practical way to check how www.logwork.com works.

According to a World Bank report, “The digital economy is equivalent to 15.5% of global GDP, growing two and a half times faster than global GDP over the past 15 years”. Human attention is declared to be the most priced commodity in the new world because it is calculated in time. Now the ball is in your court, start using LogWork – the Best Time Tracking Tool with Screenshots Monitor feature!

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