The Must Have Features Of The Best Crypto Exchange – Informational Guide From KuCoin

KuCoin also provides a reward on its native token KCS for those that hold and stake the quality. By holding a minimum of 6 KCS in their exchange account, users receive rewards and dividends from the site’s daily received trading fees, discounted trading fees, and access to further trading pairs. The dividends are the foremost intriguing part of the reward system. One-half of the daily trading fees received by the exchange area paid resolute with the same 6 KCS being the minimum you’ll have to be compelled to receive the bonus. You can also find your answer about What is Bitcoin price on the KuCoin site. Now move towards some factors that help you find the right crypto exchange.

Key Factors to Assist you in Selecting a Crypto Exchange

Crypto Choice

The number of currencies you’ll trade with varies wildly among exchanges. For example, some exchange has ten currencies on its platform, whereas others could supply a lot. If you are a novice trader, you are most likely solely trying to find Bitcoin and perhaps one or two alternative fashionable currencies. Thus an enormous choice might overcomplicate the platform for you. However, if you are tried and true and have the time to try your analysis, you may wish for an enormous choice that features lesser-known coins you’ll invest in early.

Make Sure there’s Comfortable Liquidity

It’s necessary to seek out an exchange with liquidity—the ability to flip your money into coins or vice versa without paying an enormous markup. That’s very true because costs move quickly within digital assets. Once the worth of a coin you wish to shop for is rocketing to the moon, you’ll wish to understand your purchase order is crammed quickly and at a value near the one, you see quoted on your screen. 



Due to the lack of presidential regulation and its smuggled use, crypto could seem unelaborated to some. Most major platforms understand this and take serious precautions to protect your personal and money info and defend your holdings from stealing. Security measures like two-factor authentication (2FA), encryption, and cold storage (offline storage to guard against stealing and hacking).

Compare the Fees

Unlike your brokerage accounts, wherever you’ll currently trade stocks, bonds and ETFs at no cost, there’s no gift with crypto exchanges. Crypto exchanges usually charge a fee anytime you deposit, trade or create a withdrawal. Fees vary from trade to trade, counting on your payment methodology and, therefore, the sort of group action. Fee tiers usually support your total trading volume over a 30-day trading amount; therefore, the proportion you pay typically falls because the size of your trades will increase. 

Buy or Trade Choices

You’ll connect your checking account to transfer funds to fund your account and purchase crypto. Otherwise, you could use a debit or MasterCard. Some platforms could even permit crypto-to-crypto trades, whereas some will not.

Check Insurance Policy

Digital security that may forestall hackers from stealing client assets should be a priority for crypto exchanges. However, the nice ones can still have a healthy contract, just in case. Several exchanges currently carry business crime insurance which usually covers acts of dishonesty, theft, robbery, destruction or cyber fraud.


Each exchange platform comes with a wallet to accommodate your crypto holdings. Having the ability to manage your wallet and trading in one platform can be a lot of convenient. However, if you hold an outsized crypto quantity, you most likely wish for an external cold notecase for additional security.

Mobile apps

Crypto is the currency of the longer term. However, only some platforms are on board with the technology without delay. A sturdy and easy investment mobile app might assist you in managing your crypto account and creating trades on the go while not navigating a clumsy mobile website.


KuCoin platform contains a range of options and programs that it uses to line itself, except for the opposite, similarly-sized exchanges on the market. Regarding bonuses, the location frequently runs trade competitions that permit the highest traders to earn even a lot. Several of those competitions offer rewards to the highest fifty users regarding the trading volume around a selected digital quality. Another distinctive side comes within the variety of higher security found via the Arwen protocol. You must check the above factors and find that KuCoin fully employs them, which is why it is the best exchange.

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