MoYu Super RS3 Review

MoYu Super RS3 Review

Whether you are interested in buying the MoYu Super RS3 or not, it is important to consider a few things before making your decision. These include the price, the spin, the dimensions, and the specifications.


Designed for the speed enthusiast, the MoYu Super RS3 M is a 3×3 Cube with an incredible spin. It uses a uniform aimant distribution to provide a smooth and fast turning experience. In addition to the spinning feature, it features powerful corner cutting and a unique tension setting system. It will definitely provide you with the best solving experience.

The Super RS3 Series has a lot to offer, including a magnetic variant and a MagLev variant. The Ball-Core Positioning system utilizes magnetic repulsion technology to position the cube on the board. This feature also includes a 35 degree auto-alignment feature. The Super RS3 M is a novelty for speed cubing, and will provide you with a better performing speed cube at a fair price. The MoYu Super RS3 M is the ideal puzzle to give you an experience you’ll never forget.


Whether you are a newcomer to the world of speedcubing or you are an old timer, MoYu Super RS3 may just be the speedcube for you. With its innovative design, MoYu has managed to create an incredibly fast and easy cube that will give you the most enjoyable speedcubing experience possible. It has some pretty impressive features, such as quick turning, powerful corner cutting, and 9 levels of tension settings, among others. It has a nice and standard edge to corner magnets, and the design achieves great solving speeds through its magnetic levitation technology.

The best part about the MoYu Super RS3 is that it offers better quality and a reasonable price. If you are looking for a great 3×3 cube at an affordable price, you can’t go wrong with this one.


Having improved on the performance of their cubes, MoYu has introduced the new MoYu SUPER RS3 M. It’s a 3×3 cube with exceptional spin and includes 48 magnets in its interior. The MoYu Super RS3 M is a great value-for-money choice for speed cubers. The MoYu Super RS3 has nine tension settings and powerful corner cutting. It’s also stickerless, meaning no messy glue or stickers. The MoYu Super RS3 is expected to be very popular.

The MoYu Super RS3 M uses MagLev technology, which uses magnets to replicate the spring force and reduce friction. It’s also lightweight and has a soft turning feel. The MoYu Super RS3 uses a dual-adjustment system, which allows you to change the tension on nine different settings. It also features frosted plastic and half-bright colors.


Whether you are looking for a 3×3 cube to play with your children, a gift for someone you care about, or are interested in the latest technology, the MoYu Super RS3 M is a cube you will want to get. It is a world-class magnetic 3×3 speedcube that is updated for the year 2022. Compared to the previous versions, it has better performance and a new anti-sticky design. It is also a great value for money option in the 3×3 class.

The new version of the Super RS3M has nine different tension settings, which allows you to get the right tension for the cube. This helps to minimize friction and to allow the cube to glide smoothly. It also has a Dragon Scale surface, which prevents the cube from sticking. In addition, it has magnetic edges, which helps to reduce bouncing and popping.


Amongst the plethora of speed cubes on the market today, the MoYu Super RS3 M stands out in the crowd. This 3×3 cube has the trifecta: superb spin, good looks, and a clever mechanism that will ensure you have the best solving experience possible. In fact, it is the most popular speed cube on the market.

The MoYu Super RS3 M’s gimmicks include a unique color scheme, a clever mechanism that includes the MoYu’s famous dual adjustment system, and a re-engineered corner/core magnetic system. In fact, it is a bit of a pity that this cube isn’t sold by the box. And even better, it is priced reasonably. MoYu’s RS3 M is the perfect substitute for many professional speedcubers’ mains. For the budget-minded speed cubist, this gizmo will get the job done at an affordable price.

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