The Top 5 Most Wishlisted Games on Steam

The Top 5 Most Wishlisted Games on Steam

With more and more people buying a Steam gift card digital to load up their Steam accounts, many people are planning what games they want to buy in the future. We figured we’d make things a bit easier for you by telling you the 5 most popular Steam games on wishlists right now, i.e. the upcoming games that everybody seems to want.

Manor Lords

Medieval strategy is the ‘in genre’ right now. People love them. We know there is a lot on the market, but there’s so much that you can do with Medieval strategy, that it’ll be a genre around for years yet. Manor Lords promises to be one of the most unique games in a while.

It is part city-builder, part Medieval battle game. You’ll spend your time developing a Medieval city using the treasure trove of tools provided by the game. As you build it up, you’ll come under regular invasion from those that want to raze your city. It is then that you can fight back against them.

If you love war games and city simulators, we doubt you’ll find anything better than Manor Lords. From what we’ve seen, we’ll be playing this game for years.

Black Myth: Wukong

Black Myth: Wukong, won’t be launching until August 2024. So, a while yet. However, this Chinese Mythology-inspired RPG is likely to be massively successful. The visuals look wonderful, and it is rare that a game follows Chinese Mythology (most RPGs lean heavily into western fantasy, or medieval), so it should provide a nice break if you’re looking for a new RPG to play.

Frostpunk 2

The first Frostpunk game was a runaway success. Turns out people love city builders and strategy games that will take you into an apocalyptic wasteland. There’s no other game quite like it. Not played the first? That’s fine. The sequel doesn’t launch until July 2024, so you’ve got plenty of time to brush up on your survival city-building skills.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

This is another sequel to a critically lauded game. In S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, you’ll take your guns into the Chornobyl Exclusive Zone, where you’ll battle dangerous, nutated enemies. which is packed with mutated enemies.

As an FPS game, expect to be doing a ton of shooting (and the graphics are amazing), but as with the previous game in the series, the main reason you’re here is for the story, which promises to be amazing. As with the previous game, all the decisions you make during your playthrough will impact the ending.

The First Descendant

Finally – we’ve got The First Descendent. In this game, you’ll partner up with 3 other players. This looter shooter will have you running and gunning through an awesome world. Along the way, you’ll pick up new gear (and plenty of guns) to fight against the massive bosses. Think of this as a blend between Borderlands and Monster Hunter.

Details about The First Descendant are scant. All we know is that people are craving this game. Reddit groups are talking heavily about it, and people are sharing tons of gameplay videos and screenshots, hoping it releases a bit earlier. Honestly? We hope for the same.

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