How to Recognize When Your Garage Door Has a Broken Spring
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How to Recognize When Your Garage Door Has a Broken Spring

The average garage door faces some severe wear and tear over its lifespan. Most homeowners open and close their garage doors more than 1,500 times yearly, so it’s no surprise that a garage door broken spring can happen before you know it.

The components that allow the garage door to open and close can fail if you don’t notice the noises and actions during the opening process. Checking the garage door spring is a wise idea for garage door maintenance, but it’s not feasible to check it daily. click for more information on industrial doors.

Knowing the signs to look for if you suspect you have a broken garage door will save you money and keep your family safe. The good news is that you’ve found the right guide to learning when you need professional garage repair.

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Garage Door Closes Too Fast

Garage doors that close too fast and with significant force result from a broken garage door spring. Your garage door is much heavier than you might realize, and a broken spring can put you or your family in danger when you’re closing the garage. Keep an eye on the garage door each time you close it to monitor its closing speed.

Garage Door Opens Crookedly

Another clear sign that you have a garage door broken spring is if your garage door is opening crookedly rather than in an even fashion. The springs that help with opening and closing your garage door are the torsion spring and the extension spring.

The extension springs run perpendicular to the torsion spring, allowing the garage door to open in an even manner. A garage door that opens crookedly is a clear sign that an extension spring is broken. Contact this company to schedule garage door repair for your home.

Loud Snapping Noises

Listen to your garage door when you open or close it. The sounds your garage door produces will tell you a lot about how the components are functioning. A garage door in good working order shouldn’t make loud snapping noises, so call a professional garage repair company if your garage door is producing scary noises.

Springs Look Rusted

A vital part of garage door maintenance is checking the components a few times yearly to make sure everything is in proper order. The garage door spring is arguably the most critical part of your garage door setup, and rusted springs could harm your family. Signs of rust mean you’ll have a broken garage door in the near future, and you need to schedule repairs ASAP.

Get Your Garage Door Broken Spring Fixed Today

Scheduling a professional garage repair is vital to keep your family and property safe, but you need to know the signs that you have a garage door broken spring on your hands. Check the garage door spring multiple times for rust, and listen to the noises your garage produces when opening and closing. You should also get a garage door repair if the door closes too fast.

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