Ways to Find Your Doppelganger

Easy Ways to Find Your Doppelganger

It is an old saying that there are 7 persons of a similar face in the world. Some people may not believe it, but research shows that, although pretty minimal, there are mathematical chances of having a doppelganger. It is an amazing sensation to have a double with 7 or 8 features similar to you existing in another part of the world. Back in the old days, it was challenging to find a doppelganger of a person, but technology has made it easier to help you find your double (if there is any).

It is pretty easier to find the lookalikes of celebrities with millions of followers, but if you are an average person, you may find it challenging to find your doppelganger. That said, it is not impossible to find a person with precisely similar facial features to you living in another part of the world. The internet can be your biggest friend in finding your doppelganger. There are some easy ways to do it through the internet.

We will discuss a few of them here to help you find your doppelganger.

Further details are given below:

Reverse Image Search Utilities

You may have heard about the reverse image search method that allows users to use an image as a search query to find visually similar search results. The good news is that it can easily help you find your lookalike with similar facial features. In addition, some effective photo search utilities can find the picture of your doppelganger from the web. Read on to know more.

●      Google Images

Whenever we think about searching on the web, the first name that comes to our mind is Google. Such is the authority of this search engine. In addition to textual and voice search methods, it also allows users to perform the reverse image search and find visually similar images to a particular image. Google Images can be used on PCs and smartphones as well. If you are looking to find your doppelganger, then taking the help of this largest image library is a must. Upload your clear picture on it and search for visually similar results. There are high chances that you may find someone who looks like you.

●      Google Lens

Google Lens is a smartphone app available for Android and iOS smartphones. This app harnesses the power of Google Images and advanced technologies to provide users with multiple useful features and functionalities. While users generally use this app to translate text written in other languages and find the featured merchandise in an image on the web, it can also help them find their lookalike. If you want to find your doppelganger, use it and upload a picture with apparent facial features to find it.


●      Reverse Image Search by SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools is a valuable platform that offers numerous tools to help its users perform various tasks. Its reverse image search utility is also quite efficient. If you are looking to find your lookalike on the web, it can help you find your doppelganger easily. You just need to search by image; it will bring results from all significant platforms, including Google, Bing, Yandex, etc. So if you haven’t found any result regarding your lookalike on Google Images, you can find one here easily because you will get results from all the major platforms. The good thing about it is you can use it on any device.


As the name suggests, this website can help you find a stranger who looks like your twin. Hence, if you want to find your doppelganger on the web, this platform can help you immensely. This website is free to use. You have to make an account on this website and allow it to scan your face. The algorithm working in the background is smart enough to recognize your facial features and match them with other people to find your lookalike. However, the only con is this site only tends to fit your face with people who have signed up for this website. Hence, the chances of finding a doppelganger are limited but not minimal. This site also allows you to interact with your lookalike if you succeed in finding any using this site.


The purpose of Twinlets is precisely similar to the TwinStranger website, i.e., finding your lookalike. This site takes your picture and starts searching for your twin living in other parts of the world. This site allows you to look for your twin from similar gender, or you can opt for a twin from any gender. This site is 100% free to use.

Summing it Up

Finding your doppelganger is not so tricky anymore. You can take the help of the internet and the reverse image search method to find your twin easily. We have discussed a few easy ways to do it in this writing. Hopefully, you will like it and use these ways to find your doppelganger.

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