What Are The Top Reasons To Do A TEFL Internship?

Most TEFL aspirants looking to get into teaching ESL assume that the path is straightforward. They typically think that after getting certified, it is easy to find a job overseas. When the context is about teaching ESL abroad, a TEFL internship is the best option. 

A TEFL internship comprises all the benefits that can help you evolve as a teacher. You will acquire critical skills on what to expect from the job with an internship. The period of internship will help you transition to a skilled teacher. So, after receiving your TEFL certificate online, you must apply for TEFL internships.  

Overview of a TEFL Internship 

A TEFL internship will let you teach ESL on a short-term basis. During this duration, you might be a teacher or assist the primary ESL teacher. Moreover, the internship is organized by an agency that will guide you in every step.

So, in an internship, you don’t have to apply to a school or a university. Instead, you have to apply to an organization for a particular position. TEFL teaching jobs and internships differ based on the salary package. You are entitled to be paid when working as a TEFL teacher. 

But a TEFL internet may or may not be paid. If the internship isn’t paid, you will likely receive free accommodation and food. In this manner, you don’t have to spend on these two basic necessities of your life. Nowadays, most TEFL internships involve a stipend to cover basic expenses. TEFL internships may also include a few extras like local language coaching and weekly excursions. 

Are TEFL Internships Worth Your Efforts?

It usually depends on what you are seeking from a TEFL experience. The fundamental objective of this internship is to offer you enter-level professional expertise. With an internship, a budding ESL teacher can acclimatize adequately. 

If you have prior teaching experience, searching for a job would be a better idea. However, if you lack teaching experience, it is always a good idea to look for TEFL internships. Moreover, there are plenty of reasons why applying for an internship can be an excellent idea. 

You Learn to Put Theoretical Concepts into Practice 

An all-inclusive TEFL course will provide you with all the tools and resources to evolve as an ESL teacher. Through this certification, you will learn the basics of teaching English to non-native speakers. Furthermore, you will acquire skills in classroom management. But putting all these theoretical concepts into practice is something else. With a TEFL internship, you can apply what you’ve learned in the classroom. 

Gain Networking Skills 

By opting for a TEFL internship, you will gain how to network abroad. You can form lifetime bonds with your fellow teachers besides in-country support. You will find others who are starting their teaching abroad journey at the same time you are. TEFL internships offer you the opportunity to get additional help. The ties you foster during the internship can lead to professional opportunities in the future. 

Ability to Travel with a Support Network 

Internships can be an effective way to free up your travel time. You can reduce stress because of the support network of the internship. Moreover, signing up for a TEFL internship implies you’ll be guided through the visa process. You will also get orientation upon your arrival. With a TEFL internship, everything is set up for you to utilize most of your time. 

Flexibility to Select a Specific Location 

While ESL jobs are present worldwide, application eligibility criteria and competition for posts imply that not all destinations are accessible. On the contrary, you can easily find TEFL internships abroad easily. They are usually less competitive than the regular TEFL job positions. 

Another key highlight of an internship is that it offers adequate visa support. Therefore, any destination is accessible through a TEFL internship. 

TEFL Internships Add Weightage to Your Resume 

When applying for an ESL teaching job, your certification and resume are essential factors. Nowadays, schools and universities prefer ESL teachers who have prior experience in managing a classroom of non-native English speakers.

With TEFL internships, you can gain experience that makes your CV stand out from others. You will gain invaluable experience that no employer can deny. It also gives you additional confidence to tackle challenges in the future. 

Those who live and work abroad as an intern have better communication skills. They can better adapt to challenging situations. All these attributes will make you a strong candidate in any professional setting. 

When is a TEFL Internship Right for You?

A TEFL internship is an excellent option if:

  • You aren’t willing to commit to a job at present 
  • You can afford to live with just a stipend 
  • You don’t have any teaching experience 

You just can’t deny the importance of TEFL internships, as they help you gain invaluable skills. It is a great way to experience another culture and foster professional connections. To get TEFL-certified, you can visit After receiving the certificate from this platform, you can access numerous job and internship opportunities. 

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