Roof Replacement 101: Signs, Reasons, Factors, and More

Roof damage may result in wiring and electrical faults in the house/office. Imagine water seeping through the cracks as well as the interface. The impacts of water and electricity together can be fatal.

Since it is the most important part of the house, keeping your roof protected is the foremost concern. So, have you been witnessing the following noticeable signs that indicate the right time for roof replacement? If yes, do not hesitate to consult a contractor:

  • Roof sags
  • Molds in the property
  • Visibly damaged and cracked shingles
  • Moss growth on roofing materials
  • It is over 25 years ever since the last roof replacement or built
  • Water leakage

Things might become complex if you or someone in your house (or commercial property) sees these issues. Most of the time, people become confused about where to begin their job. 

Let’s not forget one thing; roof replacement is not a cakewalk, so keeping a few things in mind is compulsory. But before enlisting the factors, please note down the prime reasons why roof replacement might be compulsory on your property.

Dangerous Reasons for Installing a New Roof

In short, there might be various reasons why a homeowner (or office owner) considers replacing a roof. The following points explain the most dangerous reasons why you can consider replacing your old roof:

1. Roof’s Lifespan Is Nearing

Most asphalt roofs may last around 25 years or beyond. Regardless of the type, it is safe to consider installing a new roof if it has lasted for 25 years. Having multiple roofing layers on the house means a homeowner must plan an early replacement within 20 years.

2. Curled Shingles 

Curled shingles are the most common signs that indicate installing a new roof. When left untreated for an extensive period of time, some curled shingles cause water damage, poor ventilation, mold, leaks, and the likelihood of a complete roof replacement.

3. Damage due to Storm 

If you reside in Spokane, the region experiences hot and humid weather conditions most of the year. But the place also witnesses severe thunderstorms. Storm damage may lead to cracks, holes, and dents, while strong winds result in tears, lifting shingles, or peeling. Extensive damage due to the weather may be worth a complete roof replacement.

4. Deteriorating Shingle Roof

Does the roof look patchy and bare? It might indicate worn shingles. If you notice the following signs, it is due to worn shingles:

  • Buckled shingles that have a higher risk of getting torn
  • Missing granules (or granules in large amounts) or bare spots
  • Missing shingles that allow water to enter the house
  • Curling shingles that indicate the end of lifespan or excessive heat damage

If the condition deteriorates, please consult Advance Roofing LLC professionals for the most suitable solutions. The company offers a roofing square calculator that determines the money required to install a new roof.

Roof Replacement: Best Way to Improve Your Home Décor & Boost Resale Value

Besides the above issues, a homeowner can consider replacing a roof to improve home décor and increase resale value. If you wish to upgrade your residential or commercial property, you may replace the roof by enhancing its appeal. 

At times, homeowners simply want to introduce a long-lasting and tough roofing material. For example, you had Asphalt shingles that lasted for over 15 years. Now, you want to embrace something far more advanced, for instance, a standing seam metal roof.

If you want to upgrade your roof to something like this, installing a new roof is the best solution.

Top Aspects to Consider Before Replacing Your Old Roof 

Noted below are the top aspects to consider before you plan to replace your roof:

  • The roofing material you select depends on factors like durability, average lifespan, fire resistance, configuration, style, building’s purpose
  • Only a reliable roofing contractor can help you make the right decision to replace the roof
  • The type of roof you want to choose, such as metal, clay, slate, cedar shake, synthetic shingle, or standing seam metal roof
  • Determine the weather condition appropriate for replacing your old roof in Spokane
  • Inquire more about whether you need a complete or partial replacement solution by discussing it with a certified contractor

So, you have learned the most significant aspects, including reasons and factors to consider. Now, installing a new roof might seem a less complex affair. Consult a reputable and trustworthy contractor and share your thoughts with them.

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