How to check the history of a car in Spain before buying

The natural growth of the secondary automobile market places special demands on the process of buying a used car. This is especially true for online auctions, which have become popular today. Safety in such transactions can only be guaranteed if there is a complete history of the car’s operation. You can get it by VIN-code. Let us tell you how to check a car from Spain.

Why it’s important to check the auto before buying

Why it's important to check the auto before buying

The history of a used car can be impeccable or it can have many dark pages. The former is usually tried to be presented as an advantage, and the latter – to hide. Even a detailed inspection by specialists does not guarantee that you will find defects that can cause big problems later on.

Examining the history in the VIN report can shed light on many things. Defects sustained during an accident can cause body geometry to be compromised, which significantly reduces the safety of riding the vehicle. The report will record all the accidents in which the car was involved. The same goes for maintenance and repairs – another opportunity to draw a conclusion about the condition and life of the car. Add to this the possibility to know the exact mileage of the car, which is quite often tried to underestimate.

Even more interesting will be for the buyer of a used car information about the status of the car, about the presence of restrictions on the operation, for example, the car is in pledge or stolen, for it is not paid the loan or it is listed in the “utilized” vehicles. 

What are the special features of cars from Spain

How to check the history of a car in Spain before buying

The secondary car market in Spain is well developed and here you can buy not only the popular Seat, but also more than 40 models of other cars, which are represented by such famous car companies as Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Ford, Volkswagen, Nissan, etc.

The main advantages of buying a used car in Spain:

  • Favorable climate. An important factor that affects the condition of the car after several years of use. Spain is characterized by a climate with little precipitation, most often with plus temperatures in winter.
  • Good roads. Thanks to the quality road surface, the undercarriage of the vehicle is not subjected to serious tests.
  • Cost of cars. It is not the cheapest country in Europe to buy a car, but the technical condition of vehicles make it favorable. 

How you can check a car from Spain

Consider all the ways you can check your car before you buy it:

  • checking the car in Spain at a service station;
  • special service.

Checking the car in Spain at a service station;

Checking the car in Spain at a service station;

Individual components can only really be checked in a workshop. We recommend that you go there if you have any suspicions during the inspection. For example, the suspension can only be checked if an elevator is available. As a rule, malfunctions in the suspension are detected during a test drive – it knocks when hitting obstacles.

It is advisable to check used cars with a diagnostic scanner, which can be stationary or mobile. Reputable service stations are always equipped with equipment that allows computerized diagnostics.

It is better to check the car at a service station that specializes in working with certain brands of cars, which will increase the efficiency of diagnosis. 

Special service

Checking a car by VIN code – this method of verification becomes a mandatory step when buying a used car. Firstly, it allows you to get the maximum amount of data, and secondly, very often it is the only way to check the car you buy at online auctions. 

The main data that the report tries to get is odometer readings and accident involvement facts. This is really important information that can form the basis of a buying decision.

In addition, the report contains the following information:

  • the date and country where the vehicle was manufactured;
  • technical specifications;
  • original equipment and its changes;
  • odometer reading on a specific date;
  • existing restrictions on the operation of the vehicle, such as liens, loans, theft, scrapping, etc;
  • information on participation in road accidents;
  • maintenance marks (if performed at authorized centers);
  • operating conditions (cab, cargo transportation, etc.);
  • insurance claims.

In order to check a car from Spain, you need to know the 17-digit VIN-identifier, which is indicated in the technical passport of the car, on the torpedo on the driver’s side, on a sticker in the driver’s doorway, under the hood on a metal plate, etc. Enter it into a special form on the website and wait for the report to be generated. The latter is available on a free and paid basis. 


Checking a car from Spain before buying is an obligatory stage, which is one of the guarantees of a successful transaction. VIN-code check is the simplest and most effective method, which is indispensable when buying a car at car auctions. In most cases, it is enough to confirm or deny the information provided by the seller. 

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