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What Is the Story Behind Minecraft?

Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding video games. While everyone has heard about it, only a few know how it all began and why it was created in the first place. If you are a gamer, then check out to play live. However, Minecraft has a loyal fan community following, and sometimes it is worth taking a break to play, before you again return to your first love — Minecraft! You need to know the story behind its creation, about how a small indie game with only one developer and no funding is such a huge phenomenon today.

However, let’s first summarize this epic game. Minecraft is one of the most influential sandbox games. The player is dropped into an infinite world with biomes like forests, mountains, plains, caves, and oceans. The player here has no specific objective or goal, and the progression is reached through the achievement system. The world of Minecraft has a day-and-night cycle consisting of blocks and cubes that one can remove, destroy, replace, or build. Based on the difficulty level set, the players can eat and defend themselves from hostile mobs during the night. You can choose various gaming modes to start your preferred adventure, making it replayable.

How Did It All Start?

This is the brainchild of Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson. He loved computers, gaming, and programming. Markus was a bit of a nerd and was known by his gamer tag, “Notch.” Although he was following his passion and working in the gaming industry, he was disillusioned as the studio wasn’t paying heed to his advice, so he concentrated his energies on building his own game — and that’s how the game was born.

The Game That Changed Everything

This story is of an unknown programmer who created the most successful, independent, and giant games ever. Yes, we are talking about Notch, who tasted success and became a multi-millionaire and eventually a billionaire. Notch did not fit in the crowd, but he was creative; this led to his success, and ultimately, the power of technology took over the world to change lives. Here is the storyline:

  • 7-year-old Notch first laid his hands on Programming by typing commands on the Commodore 128;
  • His family shifted to Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, and he joined the gang of gamer kids where each competed to code cool stuff on their Atari;
  • His teachers advised Notch to study graphic design, and he ended up working in the gaming industry. He entered competitions where he created games with specifications like using low memory, which made his coding very efficient and increased his creativity;
  • Moreover, Notch grew tired of the gaming studio and wanted to work on stuff he loved. He started to work part-time to develop Minecraft as he always wanted to create games like these;
  • It was a massive success within 6 months of its release, and millions of copies were sold out.

Many would shake their heads when they saw Markus Persson quit his secure job to follow his heart. But this initiative took the world by storm and is now a part of our lives.

A Trip Through the Major Updates of Minecraft

The Java Edition is the original version of the game developed in 2009 with numerous Alphas and Betas that led from 2010 till the beginning of 2011. The complete version was released on November 18th, 2011, and titled “1.0 – Adventure Update.” This means it is 12 years old from its public release and 14 years from its inception. Here are a few groundbreaking updates:

  • 2012: The 1.4 Pretty Scary Update was the first major one. This was released in October and was perfect for the spooky season. It introduced Witches, Bats, Zombies, Wither Skeletons, and Wither Boss. The update also brought in command blocks with Potatoes, Carrots, and Anvil. Immediately after this came the 1.5 Redstone Update that added a slew of blocks related to Redstone in the game, including Comparator, daylight Sensor, Hopper, and more. The subscription service of Minecraft Realms was also introduced, which would allow players for the first time to create and manage their private servers;
  • 2013: Here came the update that changed the world and focused on revamping world generation systems that brought in 11 new biomes, including Mesa, Savanna, and more! The Biomes that already existed in the game got an overhaul to ensure that each felt distinctive;
  • 2016: Combat Update came at the beginning of the year, introducing the off-hand slot enabling players to play with dual wield, adding a Shield item and Elytra, and implementing a cooldown mechanic for attacks – and all these further enabled gliding or flying in the Survival Mode;
  • 2017: The World of Color Update centered around player and color expression. This version arrived in 2017, and many blocks were added, including Terracotta, Concrete, and dyeable Beds. This version enabled the players to brighten up their builds;
  • 2018: The Update Aquatic overhauled the oceans in-game and was welcomed by all. It introduced colorful Coral reefs and mobs like Cod, salmon, Turtle, Dolphin, Pufferfish, etc. Water-based items like Heart of the Sea and Trident were also introduced;
  • 2019: This year, the Village and Pillage Update was brought to players, changing how in-game was generated to serve the purpose. There were up to 14 new slab, stair, and wall variations, and every village now looked visually distinctive based on the biome found within it. With plenty of valuable items like Campfire, Blast Furnace, Stonecutter, and others, this version made searching for a village a monumental job as each building unfolds new opportunities;
  • 2020: Nether Update included the overhaul of Nether and added Netherite items and new biomes, allowing players to dive deep into the underworld. The addition of Piglins made this version a dangerous one;
  • 2021: “Caves and Cliffs” is a two-part mega update. 1.17 is the first part introducing Glow Squid, Axolotl, and Goat mobs. Unique plant life like Dripleaf and Glow Lichen have also been introduced. The second part of the update added overworld biomes like Meadow and Grove, along with an overhaul of caves and mountain systems. Both were blown out of proportion with this update, resulting in many obstacles that traversed above the ground, generating vistas in the process and creating unique underground areas like Dripstone caves and Lush biomes;
  • 2023: The Trails & Tales Update was originally announced on October 15th 2022 and was released this year on June 7th. The theme of the update is creativity and self-expression. This version includes customization features, brush tools, camels, pottery shards, and more. 

Minecraft is evolving in many unique and unexpected ways, and no one can actually predict where the game will be in the next five years. We can only expect the developers to continue to impress and surprise us with their ingenuity and talent.

Fix It, or You Die!

Minecraft is a thrilling game with no story beyond its design. You need to follow the design concept, “or you die.” Notch is not a writer, and his creation has no story to follow. However, it holds a special place in everyone’s heart. No one can deny the fact that this is one of the most successful games of all time. It has greatly impacted society, and its imprint is visible in almost all sectors.

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