Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Turkish citizenship by investment in Turkey has been changed with a new regulation in 2022, and the minimum investment amount has been determined as $400,000. At the same time, the conditions for citizenship in five years, which are completed after the investment, are also regulated. According to the new regulation, foreign nationals who make a minimum investment can apply for citizenship immediately. For those who want to invest and become citizens in Turkey, the reliable and correct address is Melares Company. The information portfolio with rich options and alternatives consists of Turkey’s most profitable investment projects. Melares offers you reasonable offers on investment alternatives to benefit from the opportunities of Turkish citizenship by investment. Making special project-based agreements with construction companies creates sales opportunities on attractive terms. It supports you with suitable payment options, alternative perspective presentations, and different investment models. Melares, the country’s leader in real estate sales and marketing, offers you other attractive options.

Turkish Citizenship Assurance

The firm sells and markets real estate under beautiful conditions, thanks to its active field workers and unique connections with large construction companies. You can easily make the real estate investment you want with advantageous price, payment, and location options. Melanie’s support and experience ensure that you have the right and reliable investment. With its professional team of experts, you will not have any problems with a foreign language, and you can feel comfortable and safe as in your own country. Turkish citizenship by investment is guaranteed by the law enacted in 2022. It is under the guarantee of the state that you will not have any problems with your real estate investment in the long and short term. Melares and its professional team can be found on https://www.melares.com/en/turkish-citizenship-by-investment; they support you in everything you need, such as real estate, investment, projects, and sales.


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