Top 10 Reasons to Get an AWS Certification

Cloud computing technology has changed the perspective of organizations all over the world. It is changing the style of business, and also it has helped in storing data irrespective of size. Presently the market of cloud computing is one of the most booming markets all over the world. This is the reason why most of the individuals who come from a developer background want to enter into the field of cloud computing and want to learn skills related to cloud computing. As the demand for cloud computing technology has increased among various organizations all over the world, the need for cloud computing experts has also increased in all, mostly in a proportionate manner.

Further, when it comes to the discussion of cloud computing, then there is nothing better than the Amazon Web Service’s cloud computing services. The cloud computing services provided by AWS are not only affordable for every size of the organization, but they are also flexible enough on the basis of the needs of every organization. This is the reason why the AWS cloud services are unknown as the thought leader of cloud services in the present era of cloud computing.

And for such a reputation of AWS in the market, the rate of adoption of AWS cloud services has increased drastically. It is obvious that when a trend is adopted across organizations all over the world, then the need for individuals or professionals for that specific trend increases enormously. In this article, we will discuss ten reasons to achieve AWS certification.

10 reasons to achieve the Amazon web service certification

  • Cloud technology is proved to be the future, statistically.

In recent years many new trends and technologies have emerged in the market like machine-learning artificial intelligence, etcetera. Similarly and many experts have also claimed that these types of trends in technology will be the future of the enterprise world. It is said that by 2030 every organization will have artificial intelligence, which will be equal to human intelligence.

Likewise, cloud computing technology has shorted Lotus’s problem of storage and security when it comes to the sensitive information of any organization. Not only that but cloud computing technology provides a platform for every organization to create their own type of application software or other components according to their needs. But in order to do all these works, AWS certified professional is required.

However, by looking at the features of cloud computing that it provides to any organization, it is claimed statistically that cloud technology will be the future of every organization all the world. When research’s Surveys and statistics demonstrate such type of results for a particular field, then for sure, the scope of employment opportunities will also be increased in the search domain of work.

  • AWS is the thought leader

As you said at the beginning of this article that Amazon Web Services had provided its cloud computing technology and services in a flexible manner, and I learn a lot of trusted clients and customers all over the world, this is the reason why AWS is the thought leader of cloud computing. And when an individual achieves the AWS certification for any cloud-related domain of work, then they will be benefited put a much greater amount of recognition amongst industries and organization.

  • Is globally recognized

AWS certification is globally recognized, which increases the chance of the achiever to get a job in any type of industry organization all over the world.

  • AWS certification increase salary range

The AWS certifications start all at number 4 in the ranking list of the most popular certification of IT. It is claimed that, on average and a certified professional earns about $114,000 per year.

  •  It is an achievable goal.

Unlike other, certifications achieving the AWS certification is easier and more beneficial.

  • Career growth can be achieved by specialty.

There are many types of specialty-based certifications that are provided by Amazon Web Services. This specialty based certification can be achieved by an individual after achieving a certain AWS certification in any domain. When individual and specialty-based certification of Amazon Web Services, then the scope of job opportunities increases for those individuals drastically.

  • Makes an individual eligible for SME

By achieving the aw certification, an individual can become eligible for the smart matter expert program. This will allow an individual to work and assist in the various workshop, and such practices will help them to assist their own exam developer process.

  • It verifies and illustrates credibility and expertise.

This certification is known to validate an individual’s prior experience in the cloud computing field. And by verifying an individual’s expertise in cloud computing illustrates the skills and abilities of an individual in front of their employers.

  • It enhances the chance of partner program benefits.

One organization is able to employ numerous AWS-certified employees, and then it is possible for such an organization to create the AWS partner program, which permits these certified professionals to work and achieve their goals in a collaborative manner.

  • It allows an individual to become a member of an AWS community.

Further, by achieving this certification, an individual is able to join the eaves community, which will always be there for them in the matter of training, problems, or anything related to their profession.

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