How To Use a Blunt Tube

If you’re someone who likes to enjoy their cannabis but doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of rolling a joint, then a blunt tube is perfect for you. Blunt tubes are a cylindrical tube that store joints to preserve freshness. They’re commonly used as packaging as joint tubes and you’ll commonly find pre-roll joints sold in these vessels. Keep reading to find out how to use one.

What is a blunt and what is a blunt tube?

A blunt is a type of cigar that is filled with marijuana instead of tobacco. It is smoked like a cigar, and the marijuana inside the blunt is inhaled. Blunts are larger and thicker than traditional cigars, and they are often sold in pre-rolled form. Joint tubes are a great way to store your pre-rolled joints. Joint tubes are typically made of metal or plastic and can be anywhere from around three to eight inches long. They have a small hole on one end and a large hole on the other. The small hole is for inserting the pre-rolled joint. Joint tubes are a great way to keep your joints from getting crushed and they make it easy to keep the product fresh. The tubes also make it easier to keep the lid sealed so that it’s smell-proof.

How do you use a blunt tube?

In order to use a blunt tube, you will need to load it with the substance and pre-roll of your choice. If you are using a tobacco blunt, you will need to fill the tube with a cigarette and then twist the end shut. If you are using a cannabis blunt, you will need to make sure to grind your cannabis finely before packing it into the paper and placing it in the tube. This ensures that the smell stays within the container. Keep in mind that these plastic tubes are made to be child resistant. They are used for holding a number of different products, such as joints, blunts, custom cones, and even vape oil cartridges. Depending on the size, the pre roll tube can hold multiple joints. The plastic tubes come in different colors and sizes so that they’re hidden or translucent depending on your needs.

Why are joint tubes necessary?

When it comes to these types of products, there are often strict packaging requirements. For example, the FDA might require it to be smell proof or utilize a child resistant screw or lid. Thankfully, there are plenty of websites out there that sell pre roll tubes for wholesale prices.

Where can you purchase joint tubes?

You can purchase roll tubes at websites like The site has plenty of certified, compliant roll tubes. Plus, they’re also in regulation with FDA standards. The tubes are made of plastic with an airtight seal. You can choose from screw top pre-roll tubes or roll tubes with lid tops. Either way, their products are child-resistant and some are extra wide to fit plenty of product. They’re made in Southern California, with no middleman. So, the prices are unbeatable and can be bought in bulk quantities. Plus, they’re odor-proof and known for their durability. The best part is that these plastic pop top pre-roll tubes are also recyclable. That way, you can market sustainability practices along with your packaging. The containers are 100 percent safe to use and US 16 CFR 1700.20 Certified. Whether you’re looking for tubes that are 78mm or 116mm, you’ll find plenty of choices. There are child-resistant push and turn screw cap tubes available as well. And there are options for foil seals to guarantee air-tight closure.

If you’re looking for a reliable packaging solution for blunts, joints, and cones, then you may want to check out CoolJarz.

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