5 of the Best Things to Do in Akron, Ohio

Are you thinking about spending a day or afternoon in Akron?

Cleveland gets a lot of the spotlight in Ohio, but we think it’s time to start supporting Akron as a top travel spot in our wonderful Buckeye State.

Akron is a hot spot for tourism and the fifth largest city in Ohio in terms of population. With a rich history and many attractions, it’s no wonder why people travel from all over to experience it.

While Akron may not have the “wow factor” that Cleveland has when you travel and explore, there are plenty of hidden gems within the city that you probably didn’t know about.

We’re going to cover the best things to do in Akron, Ohio, for travelers who want to make their way.

  1. Visit F.A. Seiberling Nature Realm for an Outdoor Adventure

The F.A. Seiberling Nature Realm, located in Summit Country Park, is one of the best things to do in Akron, Ohio. Here, adventurers find a variety of activities that are a great way to get outdoors.

Interpretive nature hikes, bird watching, fishing, and canoeing along the Sand Run are just a few enjoyable experiences! The site also features a new visitors center offering interpretive displays, a gift shop, and a nature theater.

  1. Take a Tour Around the Historic Mansion of Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

Stan Hywet is the former estate of F. A. Seiberling, co-founder of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. The estate is a National Historic Landmark, designated by the United States in 1976. The mansion is a beautiful 65-room home built in the early 20th century.

On tour, visitors are taken through spectacular gardens, courtyards, orchid display houses, and the manor house. During regular tours, visitors can learn about the historical and cultural significance of the estate.

  1. Appreciate the Arts at the Akron Art Museum

The Akron Art Museum is an incredible place to explore and appreciate the arts. With over 3,400 works, including American, European, African, and contemporary art from the 19th century to the present, there is something here for everyone.

You can also experience the museum’s special rotating exhibits at the Margaret Petros Ezero Gallery. In addition, the museum offers exciting activities like Art Talks and Family Festival Saturdays, which include art-making shows and workshops that foster creativity in children.

  1. Enjoy the Wildlife and Recreation at Cascade Valley Metro Park

Cascade Valley Metro Park in Akron, Ohio, offers various outdoor activities and wildlife encounters. Visitors can take advantage of hiking, biking, and running trails throughout the park’s 659 acres of meadow, wetlands, and evergreen forest. Guests can observe deer, wild turkeys, and other wildlife while exploring the park’s gently rolling terrain.

  1. Escape Your Way On The Great Escape Room

The nearest escape room location is in the Downtown area of Akron. It offers a fully immersive virtual reality adventure game.

The game is divided into multiple levels, and each level must be solved to reach the end goal and break free. Here, you can gather friends or family members and attempt to solve the riddles and puzzles to progress through the levels.

Themed with unique characters and storylines, it will surely make a great day of entertainment and adventure.

Things To Do in Akron

From sports to nature sightseeing, there are several things to do in Akron for everyone. There are plenty of ways to explore and enjoy Akron’s scenic landscapes, diverse cuisine, and vibrant art and music scenes.

Check out these top activities for a great Akron vacation, and plan your visit today.

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